LUXE Models offers various services for aspiring models. Here you can find some of the latest advice and tips for modelling and find out more about LUXE Models’ services. Hear from some professional models who know exactly what it takes to break into modelling and find out exactly which skills you’ll need to succeed in the industry.

LUXE Models – Modelling Tips

LUXE Models is looking for aspiring models to give them a helping hand and prepare them for the industry! Tried and tested, LUXE Models have proven themselves time and time again with the success rate that just keeps growing. A lot of people dream of becoming a model but not many people know where to begin. This video shows two models from LUXE Models who explain how you can prepare for the life of a model.

Break into modelling with LUXE Models

LUXE Models is often asked who to approach, and how to approach them? Do I need a portfolio? Do I fit the requirements that are expected of a model? Ultimately, the end-goal is to get professional modelling work, either as an agency model or as a freelance model. However, before you take your first steps into the industry it is vital to establish if you have the potential to be a model and where that potential lies, otherwise you may end up heading down the wrong path.

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