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LUXE Models helps aspiring models to build a portfolio and learn key skills which will provide a platform to break into the professional modelling industry.Providing you with advice and direction in your pursuit of a modelling career, LUXE Models are not a modelling agency. LUXE Models is a company that can help you build an impressive portfolio and discover the area of modelling which you’re suited to.

Kube Studios have two studio locations in London, one in Birmingham, and another large studio complex in Manchester. We are also currently opening a studio in Miami following a successful test run last year.

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What do LUXE Models Do? 

A career in modelling has many different avenues, so not only do you need the right look, but you also need to be able to work the camera, walk the catwalks and know exactly where your main strengths lie. LUXE Models’ team of industry professionals have all the answers to your questions and can help you on the right path.

LUXE Models look to bring style to your photography and are here to help you assess these avenues, and use industry expertise to help guide you in the right direction. We have a dedicated team that will ensure that you have a safe and confident entry into the competitive world of modelling, avoiding the various industry pitfalls.

LUXE Models – NOT an agency

LUXE Models is not an agency and LUXE Models does not directly find models work. We help aspiring models take the first few steps to break into the modelling industry and put you in a confident position to start approaching the right agencies with the right information.

We know that having an impressive portfolio can be the difference between making it as a model and not getting recognised. Whilst you can tackle the industry on your own, we feel it makes sense to take time, effort and the advice of experts in your approach to this kind of career.

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