LUXE Models Manchester

LUXE Models Manchester was established at the start of the new Millenium, based at Northern Quarter alongside some of the city’s classiest bars and clubs. LUXE Models is the only fashion studio in Manchester which specialises purely in assisting aspiring models and helping them break into modelling.


Manchester is a great location for its music scene, as well as its underground arts culture. Home to the impressive and majestic Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester is one of the cultural capitals of the UK. Countless museums, parks and fabulous restaurants make Manchester an extremely happening place to hang out.

Chic bars, quirky sidLuxe Modelse streets, festivals and one of the biggest new music scenes in the country and LUXE Models take pride in calling Manchester home.

LUXE Models Studios

Sited between Piccadilly and Ancoats, the Northern Quarter is Manchester’s creative and urban heart. Offering independent fashion stores, cafes, restaurants, bars and record shops, it’s the perfect location for another LUXE Models studio.

We know that having an impressive portfolio can be the difference between making it as a model and not getting recognised. Whilst you can tackle the industry on your own, we feel it makes sense to take time, effort and the advice of experts in your approach to this kind of career.

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Looking to break into modelling? Contact LUXE Models today and see if you have what it takes to break into modelling. We also have studios in London and Birmingham and we are also currently opening a studio in Miami following a successful test run in 2015.


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