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LUXE Models expanded its reach to Birmingham in 2013. This studio is located in the up-and-coming Digbeth, an area of Birmingham that is currently undergoing a large redevelopment scheme. Digbeth is steeped in artistic potential, with industrial buildings being transformed into retail premises, offices and arts facilities.

Previously named The White Room Studios, this studio has seen some high profile people make use of it. Ideal for shooting films, bands such as Fights and Fires have used the studio to film their music videos. It will have an infinity wall and fantastic, top of the range lighting; we can’t wait to put it to use.

Based in Digbeth in Birmingham’s largest commercial studio, with the latest Swiss Elincrom lighting system, the LUXE Models Birmingham studio also has an infinity wall, as well as parking for clients. There are photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and model coaches all situated in Birmingham.

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LUXE Models Studios

We know that having an impressive portfolio can be the difference between making it as a model and not getting recognised. Whilst you can tackle the industry on your own, we feel it makes sense to take time, effort and the advice of experts in your approach to this kind of career.

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Our address is First Floor, 93-94 Charles Henry Street, Birmingham, B12 0SJ.

All enquiries should come through London on 02070430910

We look forward to seeing you soon in Birmingham.

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