LUXE Models offers a variety of services including:

  • An online assessment
  • Advice
  • A test shoot
  • A photo shoot
  • Up to one year’s support
  • An assessment day
  • An introduction to modelling schools

This training and expertise will refine your technique and ensure you’re performing at your best, giving you a platform to break into professional modelling.

We know that, as a model, you will need three essential qualities; patience, discipline and self-confidence. LUXE Models can also help you hone these qualities through offering advice and guidance.

There are three services available at LUXE Models, and you’ll fit into one category depending on your previous experience and your intentions moving forwards:


FASTTRACK is LUXE Models’ premium service and is for those that have a bright future in the world of fashion, editorial and catwalk modelling.

Females need to be at least 5’8″ and males 6″0″ to fit into this category, and if you make it into this category then LUXE Models believe you have great potential. You’ll have the ability to promote yourself to the UK’s top agencies almost immediately.

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ORGANICTRACK allows you to develop at your own pace naturally. Taking time to understand your own potential and easing into the modelling industry, with the guidance and monitoring of LUXE Models, this is ideal for younger models who aren’t necessarily aware of the industry and its potential pitfalls.

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FREETRACK is suited to those that want to give modelling ago, but are open minded about their potential and may require direction. LUXE Models will ensure you test yourself and get impartial advice about your ability and options. This service is perfect for someone who has minimal professional modelling experience and is looking to test the water by building a portfolio with LUXE Models.

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