LUXE Models Reviews

luxe models reviews

LUXE Models reviews are extremely important to us and we value the thoughts of our customers. Here you can find some of our success stories and comments on the products and services which LUXE Models and Kube Studios provide.

We always strive for excellence in the modelling and photography services we provide to aspiring models across the UK and Miami. We also understand that things can sometimes go wrong, if you have experienced any issues with any of our products or services, please contact us at or on Facebook or Twitter.

Below is a selection of some of our customer reviews left with LUXE Models.

LUXE Models Reviews


Kayler – Child Modelling

“I came to Kube Studios just over a year ago with my 3 year old daughter to see how well she would respond to working with photographers. The team were great and welcoming which put us at ease. Also, they knew exactly what they were doing and the advice given was fantastic. Since then my daughter has been signed to an extremely reputable agency based in London and was out on castings immediately for brands such as Burberry, Argos, John Lewis etc. where she was a reserve model. She landed her first shoot for The Canary Wharf Group and has a lot more work in the pipeline. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the team as the aftercare has been superb, I couldn’t have achieved this without them”

samara - luxe models success stories

Samara, Scotland – Female Modelling

“Hello!! Thank you so much for my amazing photoshoot and your help in getting me started with my modelling career. I have been given the title of teen beauty of Salford 2014 and will compete in the teen Beauty of England finals 2014”

yasmin - luxe models success stories

Yasmin, Berkshire – Female Modelling

“Just writing to say thank you for the wonderful time I had at the LUXE Models studio on Thursday, everyone was so nice and welcoming! Thank you for helping me to notice that I have potential and giving me the confidence boost I’ve always needed! I’m really looking forward to getting started and seeing everything set up. I honestly cannot thank you enough but I haven’t forgotten about the coffee I owe you haha!”

sam - luxe models success stories

Sam, Kent – Female Modelling

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Luxe for helping me discover my potential. You all have the patience of a saint! Hope I was not too much hard work x”

james - luxe models success stories

James, Scotland – Male Modelling

“Hi, I came in last week for a portfolio shoot and assessment day in London. The team did an amazing job with me, and really gave me the confidence to go out and prove myself. Special thank you to model coach Laura, you’re the best!”

suzy - luxe models success stories

Suzy, Berkshire – Female Modelling

“I had a fantastic time at LUXE Models in London, everything I expected and more. The team were really professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I’ve started showing my photos to agencies and the feedback has been really positive, so fingers crossed some good news soon. Thank you!”

juliette - luxe models success stories

Juliette, North Yorkshire – Female Modelling

“Big thank you to everyone at LUXE Models for giving me the confidence to press ahead with my career as a model. Went for a test shoot in LUXE Models Manchester which went really well and I loved the work. Will recommend you to my friends.”

nicola - luxe models success stories

Nicola, Surrey – Female Modelling

“My daughter Nicola has always dreamed of becoming a model, however we have no prior experience of the modelling industry and therefore had no idea how to go about it. LUXE Models have been fantastic. It is very reassuring that we can ring in if we need any further advice. They arranged for us to go to Thomas Street Studios to have Nicola’s portfolio pictures taken, which was wonderful.”

-claire - luxe models success stories

Claire, Suffolk – Female Modelling

“I would like to thank everyone at Luxe Models and Kube Studios for their great support in helping me with my modelling career. I had a brilliant experience at Kube studios and it was very enjoyable, I would recommend both companies to anyone looking at the industry. Thanks guys!!”

Modelling reviews

You can also find reviews of LUXE Models’ services online. Here is a selection:

“Online application is submitted via the LUXE Models website which is attractive and the application was straight forward but the packages were confusing.

Following the online application I received a call, very polite and fairly clear about what they do. Perhaps a little over keen to get me to the studio (this would normally put me off). There was a refundable deposit of course which I paid for by card and received a receipt. I went for the shoot at a London studio, which was highly enjoyable and the staff were friendly. The quality of the photos were good and overall the portfolio put together and the experience were professional and quite alluring.

For the purposes of this exercise I did not purchase the photos and and received a refund for my deposit. Overall LUXE Models is good – they know what they’re doing and are professional. A good starting point for wannabe models.”


“There are lots of companies when it comes to modelling and it may be hard to sort out which are good and which are bad (yes, one or two are terrible), especially if you are new to the UK modelling industry.

In short, LUXE Models are one of the best Model Support Services available in the UK. They work alongside numerous model agencies, casting agencies and talent agencies. Their primary objective is to offer objective advice about the suitability of a model, which area of modelling they should look into, and how to best go about it.

Breaking into the modelling industry is not easy, but with the right advice and direction your chances of success are much higher. LUXE Models provide services designed to help you identify which, if any, areas are suited to you. They help with how best to approach agencies, and how to equip yourself with the right portfolio. In the services section you will see the three routes into modelling they provide, one of which will be recommended to you once your needs and potential have been assessed.

Invariably, you will need to establish that modelling is for you. Do you have the look? Are you confident in front of the camera? Are you photogenic? LUXE Models will help you answer these questions, and then identify with you what areas of modelling you are suited to and prepare you to market yourself to the industry.

LUXE Models is not an agency as they do not find models work, but they do have an enormous amount of experience and expertise in the area. The team are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and secure experience in kick starting your modelling career.

With over 12 years’ experience in the industry and a team in both London, Birmingham and Manchester, LUXE Models provides you with the tools you need and on- going support.
LUXE Models is a company that coaches potential models and offers portfolio shoots and advice to people who want to become a model. Paying for a modelling portfolio will not guarantee you acceptance by a model agency.”


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