Milan Fashion Week: fashion houses of the moment

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The run-down to the end of AW17 fashion season is soon to be upon us (we’re super sad too!). After weeks of eye-catching, innovative shows; we’ve started to accustom to the glitz and glamour of seeing the world’s chief fashion houses exhibiting their masterpieces. LUXE Models reveals the fashion dos of Milan Fashion Week AW17…


The king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi created a show of geometric patterns inspired by Viennese woodblock and marquetry. The show was said to resemble ‘morning after looks’ – somehow Fendi must not know what a true morning after look is! With fur being a key feature, it coincided with Chanel creating lovely clothes for a certain class of woman. As one of the most popular fashion houses, Fendi opened with a range of feminine coats and skirts suits in Prince of Wales checks and herringbone wools. Each model wore thigh high fire engine red boots, adding a splash of colour to each outfit – to die for! Golden girls in the world of modelling, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, did their thing and showed us how to strut our stuff on a runway. Bella wore a white button down and a navy blazer, whilst Kendall wore a crimson coat and oversized sunglasses – super cute looks, we love them!

LUXE Models Kendall Jenner Fendi

Photo: Independent


Known for its dramatic runway shows, created by none other than Jeremy Scott, this year’s AW17 was inspired by paper dolls and included a cardboard runway (thankfully it didn’t get wet!). You may describe the collection as totally trash – because it was literally trash… Jeremy created duct tape gowns, dry cleaner bag column dresses, trash bag cocktail dress and an evening bag made to look like a roll of toilet paper. Interesting or plain weird?! Bringing the collection back down to reality (to a certain extent) Jeremy created a range of streetwear outfits to break up all that cardboard – we presume? *confused face* Kendall Jenner made her way down the runway wearing a cardboard inspired skirt and blazer combo with ‘duct tape’ detailing, whilst bestie Gigi Hadid wore a cardboard inspired trench coat with a ‘fragile’ belt and ‘this way up’ prints.

LUXE Models Gigi Hadid Moschino

 Photo: Daily Mail


A first ever for Gucci, saw both the womenswear and the menswear in unity as one show. Alessandro Michele was the creator behind the stunning collection, based on ‘The Alchemist’s Garden: an anti-modern laboratory’. Located at the Gucci hub the show focused on the plexiglass tunnelled runway, with the central piece being a giant pyramid. By far this show was one of the glitteriest collections we have seen! There were sparkling glasses, tights, hoods, jewellery and outfits made of shimmering floral brocades.  As for the rest of the collection Gucci included prints ranging from small insects to illustrations of outer space.

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