A Magnificent Finale: Paris Fashion Week!

LUXE Models Givenchy PFW

For the past month, Fashion Week has been the highlight of our long, tiring days. Unfortunately, it must all come to an end… *cries hysterically* With the last in the series taking place over the past week, LUXE Models reflect on if the fashion capital of Paris outshone the rest!

Comme des Garçons

The alien-like show won the award for being most abstract at PFW. The models seemingly crash landed from Mars and looked bewildered as they circled each other on the runway. Rei Kawakubo, the creative director for Comme des Garçons, created a collection that represented “The Future of Silhouette” – with limited movement we’re in awe that models managed the runway! The models stepped out with silver netting intertwined into their hair (looking like they’d just stuck a dish scourer on their head) keeping the look futuristic and chic. The collection featured paper bags, silver foil, red felt and insulation foam to create the looks – certainly resourceful. Some even incorporated belts or growths of curls and mounds – super weird but we love it!

LUXE Models Comme des Garcons

 Photo: NowFashion


Pierpaolo Piccioli created a “punk meets Hieronymus Bosch” theme for the AW17 collection; resulting in pink and sugary outfits, with delicate detailing. Showcasing a ‘candy-like’ theme, models emerged in strawberry sundae-pink pleat dresses; accompanied with lace, rainbow-coloured silks and tiny minaudière charm bags. Adorable? We think so! Featured in the collection were delicate floral silk prints, designed in a realm of shades of pink – from bubblegum to blush and damson to rose. Adding a refreshing break between the shades of pink; models were accessorised with lime-green tights and fuchsia shoes, as well as lemon yellow and pistachio tones. We love the quirky yet girly looks Pierpaolo created! Valentino is one of LUXE Models’ fave collections from PFW!

LUXE Models Valentino

Photo: Elle UK


Givenchy’s AW17 collection revisited the legacy of Riccardo Tisci and his most iconic designs. The collection paid homage to the designer, who has been with the fashion house for 12 years, and was made up solely of iconic silhouettes from his reign. An amazing tribute! The inspiring collection was created entirely in one colour – Givenchy Red. However, the collection is also available in black and beige. Channelling gothic tendencies, streetwear and romantic elements; the collection incorporated prints, embroideries, lace and other materials. For die-hard fans of Givenchy, they will certainly feel the nostalgia surrounding the collection – each piece containing a vintage label from a definitive moment of the Givenchy archives of the last 12 years.

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