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There are tonnes of counterfeit designer fashion products floating around on the market. It’s really important that you know how to separate real deal from fakes, to ensure you get your money’s worth when shopping for designer labels. LUXE Models explains how to spot fake fashion.

Check the location

Production location can be a big indicator of fake fashion. A lot of counterfeit clothes and accessories are made in Asia, due to cheaper production costs, so if the label on your Hermes scarf says “made in China,” it probably isn’t real. The majority of designer fashion goods are made in Europe, home to global fashion capitals such as London and Paris, and pieces will include engravings stating this.

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Consider prices of fake fashion

This may sound obvious, but real designer pieces can be pretty expensive. Fakes are often cheaper, Money Crashers writes, which is why so many people are tempted to buy them. If the price sounds too good to be true, the piece is probably a fake. It’s always wise to check the designer in question’s website, so you can see what kinds of prices they typically charge for their goods and avoid fakes.

Assess workmanship quality

Designer labels are high quality pieces. Check your item and if the workmanship is shoddy, it’s highly likely you’re facing fake fashion. One nifty trick is to check the seams. The fabric and patterns on designer pieces will line up exactly, indicating that a lot of work has gone into creating it, so if they don’t line, up, the piece is almost certainly a fake, especially when it comes to Lois Vuitton goods!

Look at logos

We’d strongly advise you to see what a designer’s logo should look like, before buying pieces. Counterfeits often feature subtly mis-printed labels which are designed to fool buyers, so spotting these errors can help you avoid fake fashion. It’s also important to remember that the logo will be featured on other parts of the piece, but on designer items it will always be engraved, never stamped.

Feel the piece

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A lot of people decide to buy designer goods second-hand, to benefit from cheaper prices. This is where the real danger of being fooled by fakeries comes into play, as you can’t buy second-hand pieces from the designers themselves, so how do you sort the authentic from the counterfeit? Second-hand designer fashion may show gentle signs of wear and tear, but it should still feel high quality.

Put the work in

It’s so easy to be fooled by fake fashion these days, so you need to put the work in and do some research. Explore designers’ websites so you develop your knowledge of how their goods should look, feel and cost. It is also wise to keep an eye on major fashion events, such as the recently-held New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, to learn more about how designers’ approach fashion!

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