How to Buy Clothes Online

With the popularity of internet shopping growing every day, Luxe Models thought we’d take some time this week to address the trend by explaining how to buy clothes online.

Online fashion

New internet technologies have changed the way we shop. They’ve enabled the rise of e-commerce sites which allow us to buy whatever we want, without ever having to leave the comfort of our own homes. Nowhere is this more apparent than fashion; a number of online fashion retailers have grown up over the years, including

Online shopping Luxe Models

The company’s co-founder, Carol Kane, recently explained why online fashion retail has become so popular with consumers. According to the Manchester Evening News she said: “The multi-channel retail experience is important for customers. Shops still offer a service that online can’t, but by moving onto online, it gives customers a far bigger choice.”

Online shopping tips

Yet the bigger the choice, the greater the fall. How do you find the right clothes online without picking out something hideous? Here are five tips you can use to help you buy clothes online:

  • Measure yourself: The golden rule of online shopping; make sure you record your body’s measurements and update them regularly. You can check these against the site’s, as well as external, sizing guides to ensure you choose clothes that fit when you shop online.
  • Look around: A lot of online retailers aren’t original; they sell similar pieces as high street shops at better prices. You should take some time when you next go window shopping to try a few things on; that way you’ll have a good idea of how similar pieces may look when you encounter them online.
  • Use Photoshop: If you want a rough idea of how you’ll look in a piece of clothing you’re planning to buy online, use technology to provide a rough indicator. You can use technologies such as Photoshop to craft a picture of a dress, t-shirt etc. onto a picture of your body!
  • Read reviews: The great thing about online fashion retailers is that they allow users to leave reviews. These reviews often include sizing hints, as clothing sizes aren’t uniform across brands and retailers. You should read these reviews to determine whether you should buy a particular piece online, and then spread the love by leaving your own!
  • Get a second opinion: How many times have you been shopping with a friend and they’ve stopped you buying the ugliest piece of clothing known to man? You should share links to clothes you want to buy with friends via social media, so they can let you know “that looks fabulous, buy it!”

Make wise style choices

Many of us here at the Luxe Models team have found that it’s really hard to find clothes that fit your body seamlessly, whilst flattering your sense of style when you shop online.  If you follow these tips you’ll have everything you need to make wise style choices the next time you buy clothes online!

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