A Magnificent Finale: Paris Fashion Week!

LUXE Models Givenchy PFW

For the past month, Fashion Week has been the highlight of our long, tiring days. Unfortunately, it must all come to an end… *cries hysterically* With the last in the series taking place over the past week, LUXE Models reflect on if the fashion capital of Paris outshone the rest!

Comme des Garçons

The alien-like show won the award for being most abstract at PFW. The models seemingly crash landed from Mars and looked bewildered as they circled each other on the runway. Rei Kawakubo, the creative director for Comme des Garçons, created a collection that represented “The Future of Silhouette” – with limited movement we’re in awe that models managed the runway! The models stepped out with silver netting intertwined into their hair (looking like they’d just stuck a dish scourer on their head) keeping the look futuristic and chic. The collection featured paper bags, silver foil, red felt and insulation foam to create the looks – certainly resourceful. Some even incorporated belts or growths of curls and mounds – super weird but we love it!

LUXE Models Comme des Garcons

 Photo: NowFashion


Pierpaolo Piccioli created a “punk meets Hieronymus Bosch” theme for the AW17 collection; resulting in pink and sugary outfits, with delicate detailing. Showcasing a ‘candy-like’ theme, models emerged in strawberry sundae-pink pleat dresses; accompanied with lace, rainbow-coloured silks and tiny minaudière charm bags. Adorable? We think so! Featured in the collection were delicate floral silk prints, designed in a realm of shades of pink – from bubblegum to blush and damson to rose. Adding a refreshing break between the shades of pink; models were accessorised with lime-green tights and fuchsia shoes, as well as lemon yellow and pistachio tones. We love the quirky yet girly looks Pierpaolo created! Valentino is one of LUXE Models’ fave collections from PFW!

LUXE Models Valentino

Photo: Elle UK


Givenchy’s AW17 collection revisited the legacy of Riccardo Tisci and his most iconic designs. The collection paid homage to the designer, who has been with the fashion house for 12 years, and was made up solely of iconic silhouettes from his reign. An amazing tribute! The inspiring collection was created entirely in one colour – Givenchy Red. However, the collection is also available in black and beige. Channelling gothic tendencies, streetwear and romantic elements; the collection incorporated prints, embroideries, lace and other materials. For die-hard fans of Givenchy, they will certainly feel the nostalgia surrounding the collection – each piece containing a vintage label from a definitive moment of the Givenchy archives of the last 12 years.

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Milan Fashion Week: fashion houses of the moment

LUXE Models Fendi aw17

The run-down to the end of AW17 fashion season is soon to be upon us (we’re super sad too!). After weeks of eye-catching, innovative shows; we’ve started to accustom to the glitz and glamour of seeing the world’s chief fashion houses exhibiting their masterpieces. LUXE Models reveals the fashion dos of Milan Fashion Week AW17…


The king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi created a show of geometric patterns inspired by Viennese woodblock and marquetry. The show was said to resemble ‘morning after looks’ – somehow Fendi must not know what a true morning after look is! With fur being a key feature, it coincided with Chanel creating lovely clothes for a certain class of woman. As one of the most popular fashion houses, Fendi opened with a range of feminine coats and skirts suits in Prince of Wales checks and herringbone wools. Each model wore thigh high fire engine red boots, adding a splash of colour to each outfit – to die for! Golden girls in the world of modelling, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, did their thing and showed us how to strut our stuff on a runway. Bella wore a white button down and a navy blazer, whilst Kendall wore a crimson coat and oversized sunglasses – super cute looks, we love them!

LUXE Models Kendall Jenner Fendi

Photo: Independent


Known for its dramatic runway shows, created by none other than Jeremy Scott, this year’s AW17 was inspired by paper dolls and included a cardboard runway (thankfully it didn’t get wet!). You may describe the collection as totally trash – because it was literally trash… Jeremy created duct tape gowns, dry cleaner bag column dresses, trash bag cocktail dress and an evening bag made to look like a roll of toilet paper. Interesting or plain weird?! Bringing the collection back down to reality (to a certain extent) Jeremy created a range of streetwear outfits to break up all that cardboard – we presume? *confused face* Kendall Jenner made her way down the runway wearing a cardboard inspired skirt and blazer combo with ‘duct tape’ detailing, whilst bestie Gigi Hadid wore a cardboard inspired trench coat with a ‘fragile’ belt and ‘this way up’ prints.

LUXE Models Gigi Hadid Moschino

 Photo: Daily Mail


A first ever for Gucci, saw both the womenswear and the menswear in unity as one show. Alessandro Michele was the creator behind the stunning collection, based on ‘The Alchemist’s Garden: an anti-modern laboratory’. Located at the Gucci hub the show focused on the plexiglass tunnelled runway, with the central piece being a giant pyramid. By far this show was one of the glitteriest collections we have seen! There were sparkling glasses, tights, hoods, jewellery and outfits made of shimmering floral brocades.  As for the rest of the collection Gucci included prints ranging from small insects to illustrations of outer space.

If you aspire to be the next Kendall or Gigi, contact LUXE Models today to get a kick-start into the modelling industry!

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Sisters that slay together stay together!

LUXE Models Kendall, Gigi, Kylie, Bella

We are totally envious of the sisters that manage to pull of sister style (just getting along can be a major effort sometimes) – so just how do they manage to perfectly coordinate their styles? LUXE Models dives into the lives of the stylish sisters of the moment, discovering how to achieve complete #sistergoals.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

As the most popular sister duo, they often collab on outfits – effortlessly slaying when they do! Attending endless red carpet events together must be a hard task when style co-ordination is involved (imagine the day to day stress of picking an outfit and multiply that by 10!). The sisters also hold claim to their very own clothing line, ‘KENDALL + KYLIE’, which features in shops such as Topshop, ASOS and PacSun. The girls, although having a similar style, show that their styles differ when it comes to creating designs for their range. Unlike most sisters, the Cali babes boast matching Ferraris (we totally do that too!) adding to their extensive car collections. Who doesn’t wish they had a matching Ferrari to their sis?!

LUXE Models Kendall and Kylie Jenner


Gigi and Bella Hadid

Taking recent fashion weeks by storm the sister sensations have wowed on the runways of London and Milan. At London Fashion Week, the girls both walked in the Versus Versace show, sporting matching chokers – we love! The duo often swap and share clothes with each other too. Whilst rendezvousing around NYC, Bella appeared to be wearing the exact same outfit also worn by Gigi the week prior – we hope no dramas were caused! Their casual look had both girls wearing a matching khaki bomber jacket, black crop top and black sweatpants. Last year Gigi and Bella both walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, just a few short weeks after Bella’s split from The Weeknd (who’s now dating Selena Gomez) the pair were reunited once again as he performed at the show – totally not awks *side eye emoji*.

LUXE Models Gigi and Bella Hadid

Photo: Celebuzz

Sister from another mister

Although not biologically sisters – but soul sisters at heart – Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid twin with their styles. Whether they’re in Cali or NYC they manage to pull off their matching looks effortlessly. Whilst in Paris for the Victoria’s Secret Show in November, the girls were twins whilst wearing white jeans and a white top. The besties, along with Hailey Baldwin and Cara Delevingne, each have matching tattoos of a broken heart, calling themselves the ‘Super Natural Friend Group’ due to them all living ‘cool, individual lives’. We think sister style is definitely the way forward and we love it!

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NYFW AW17: Jeremy Scott and Oscar de la Renta

LUXE Models Gigi Hadid NYFW AW17

The glitz and glam of the upcoming Fashion Weeks has been looming since we entered the New Year – no surprise when the world’s most famous faces are in attendance! LUXE Models reviews two of the most anticipated shows of NYFW AW17 – Jeremy Scott and Oscar de la Renta. Both shows were held at the same venue – Gallery 1 Skylight Clarkson Square – with Jeremy Scott’s show held on Friday 10th and Oscar de la Renta’s on Monday 13th. Stay tuned for the low down…

LUXE Models Jeremy Scott
Photo: Glamazons Blog

Jeremy Scott

A show that boasts no boundaries (combined with fun and diverse looks) Jeremy Scott’s recent New York Fashion Week show didn’t fail to impress! With subtle comments made on the current political and social state of America via the outfits shown, there was no question that the show would be intriguing. Jeremy is best known for being a whacky, yet talented designer who holds no limits. As the creative director for Moschino and his own brand, he has attained a vast amount of experience within the industry.


Gigi Hadid was given the honour of opening the Jeremy Scott show on Friday – and we all know opening a show is an immense honour in the fashion industry! Banking several appearances, there is no doubt Gigi is one of the most desired models. It seems that modelling really was a family affair for the Hadid’s this week, as Gigi’s younger sister Bella, and younger brother Anwar also featured in Fashion Week shows. They’re all following in the footsteps of their mother, Yolanda Hadid (formally a model herself). Gigi adorned two looks for the show; the first, a white cropped leather jacket and matching pants – both finished with rhinestones and a swirling pattern (very Elvis Presley!). The second comprised of a leopard print jacket with a silver collar and floral sleeves, bell bottoms with an image of Jesus printed on the fabric, and all topped off with a silver belt matching the collar and a red and black metal purse – talk about abstract!

LUXE Models Kylie Jenner Sofia Richie
Photo: Footwear News

 Oscar de la Renta

This highly anticipated show opened with the voice of Robert De Niro circulating around the venue, using an excerpt from his 2015 film Ellis in which he plays an immigrant explaining why he came to America. The show was shared between Monse and Oscar de la Renta; Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia are the co-creative directors of Oscar de la Renta, after working together at Oscar de la Renta they founded Monse. Although not as eccentric as Jeremy Scott’s show, it wowed in other ways. The chic looks ranged from a ‘power work’ wardrobe to stylish evening looks – all highly wearable!

Did someone say celebs?

Fashion Week is most anticipated for the entourage of famous faces sitting front row. The likes of Kylie Jenner, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Ashley Benson and Sofia Richie have all been spotted this week. Styling up their outfits for one of the biggest fashion events of the year – giving us total outfit envy! Channelling her inner fashionista, Kylie Jenner wowed us in a matching silver mesh halter top and asymmetrical miniskirt that featured a chain-link detail. One of Kylie’s besties, Sofia Richie, amazed us in a green jacket over a black crop top and trousers with light blue block heels. Creating their own mini show, both girls rocked the front row by themselves!

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Miranda Kerr gives the modelling advice you need to hear…

Who is Miranda Kerr? As if you don’t already know! In case you need a refresher, Miranda Kerr is an Australian model. As one of the world’s highest paid models of the 21st century, she boasts a lengthy resume. Since 2008 she has been ranked as one of the world’s highest paid models by Forbes, which is no surprise having walked for Victoria’s Secret time and time again. She is one of VS’ most renowned angels alongside other supermodels such as Gisele Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. Miranda, who describes herself as being versatile, has featured in both commercial and editorial campaigns throughout her successful career. In this post LUXE Models reveal Miranda’s top tips for success in the modelling industry, to share some serious #ModelGoals!

LUXE Models Miranda Kerr

 Starting young

Miranda experienced her big break into the modelling industry at the age of 13, when she won the 1997 Dolly Magazine model search competition. Soon after winning the competition she was flown to Sydney to shoot for the magazine, a week before her 14th birthday. She was signed to Chic Management’s Sydney division and gained extensive exposure for commercial beachwear ads. She modelled for Billabong, Tigerlily and Roxy during this time. This increased her exposure in the Australian and Asian markets and she subsequently ended up relocating to New York. In 2007 she had her first big BIG break in modelling when she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, modelling for them on numerous occasions and featuring in multiple VS Fashion Shows, until her split from the franchise in 2013.

Words of wisdom…

As one of the most influential models in the industry, Miranda gives newbies to the business some essential advice. Her first tip is to ‘take advantage of crossover’. The model recalls starting out as a young model being ‘pigeon-holed’ into being an editorial or commercial model but never both. Following on from this, she advises models to not allow people to ‘pigeon-hole’ them into either commercial or editorial. If given the opportunity models should experiment in order to widen their modelling portfolio. Being diverse and versatile is key! Miranda praises young models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for already showing versatility in the industry. As VS models themselves, they are following in the footsteps of Miranda and taking her advice on board!                                     

LUXE Models Miranda Kerr
Photo: Kotse.com

Career away from modelling

Not satisfied with just being an international supermodel (!), Miranda has launched her own brand of organic skincare products. The brand, KORA Organics, was launched in 2013. The company boasts creating 100% Australian-made skincare products, offering a blend of natural and certified organic products. She has also written two self-help books, ‘Treasure Yourself’ and ‘Empower Yourself’, in which she offers her own view on how her generation can achieve health and happiness as well as how to achieve empowerment in all aspects of life (is there anything Miranda can’t do?!).

Follow in Miranda’s footsteps

If you’re inspired by Miranda’s success, you may want to take the leap into a career in modelling. By hiring professional services like LUXE Models, you can ensure you create a fabulous portfolio which can help you find work!

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7 Best Dressed Celebs from the 2017 SAGs

LUXE Models Seven Best Celebs from the 2017 SAGs

We’re deep into awards season now. The best and brightest recently gathered for the 2017 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards, showcasing stunning fashions as they sashayed down the event’s iconic red carpet. LUXE Models reveals our seven best dressed celebs from the 2017 SAGs.

  1. Evan Rachel Wood

Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood is killing it in the style stakes right now. She really impressed us at the Golden Globes, with her monochrome custom Altuzarra silk pantsuit. Meanwhile at the SAGs, she opted for a gorgeous dark blue velvet pantsuit, taking androgyny to stylish new heights!

LUXE Models Seven Best Celebs from the 2017 SAGs
Credit: PopSugar
  1. Janelle Monae

We’ve always loved Janelle Monae’s quirky sense of fashion. The Hidden Figures actress showed once again just how cutting edge she can be at the SAGs. She rocked a floral monochrome embellished dress, while putting her hair in silver flower-adorned space buns, creating the cutest outfit ever!

  1. Brie Larson

Seventeen named Brie Larson one of its best dressed stars of the SAGs and it’s easy to see why. Her floor-length, ivory halter-neck gown was sheer elegance. The singer kept the look simple, pairing the frock with classic black heels, diamond earrings and tied back hair, emphasising her natural beauty!

LUXE Models Seven Best Celebs from the 2017 SAGs 2
Credit: The Superficial
  1. Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams, who you might know from a little show called Game of Thrones, is a budding fashionista. Just take note of what she wore to the 2017 SAGs – Maisie swept down that red carpet in a fitted, pale pink slip gown, completed with classic old school Hollywood curls and dark, sultry lips!

  1. Annalise Basso

Annalise Basso totally gave us #dressgoals at this year’s SAGs. The Captain Fantastic actress, worked a red, floor-length Bibhu Mohapatra gown. The floaty panels attached to the lower half made Annalise look like a stylish fairy princess and she kept her hair tied back, to keep the attention on THAT dress.

  1. Emma Stone

The SAGs was a big night for Emma Stone, as she won the Best Leading Actress Award for her success in La La Land. Dressing for victory, Emma rocked a revealing Alexander McQueen lingerie-dress at the show. It included a daring asymmetrical strappy lace bodice and a floral-embellished frill detail skirt!

LUXE Models Seven Best Celebs from the 2017 SAGs
Credit: Footwear News
  1. Mayim Bialik

Her character Amy on The Big Bang Theory may look like she gets dressed in the dark every morning but in real life, Mayim Bialik clearly knows her stuff. For the SAGs, she donned a patterned, multi-coloured, floor-length frock, complete with loose curls and plenty of bling, giving us all the feels!

LUXE Models Seven Best Celebs from the 2017 SAGs 4
Credit: Refinary29


If you want to become a model and you’re looking to make a portfolio showcasing your flair for fashion, look at these seven women for your inspiration. Each one straddled the line between glam and elegant, showing how to do evening looks right! At LUXE Models we can take your portfolio pics for you, so you’ll up your chances of getting spotted by a top modelling agency!

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Five Stunning Shows From Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017

LUXE Models Five Stunning Shows From Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017 1

Photo Credit: GotCeleb

Paris is the home of the haute couture clothing industry. This term is French for ‘high dressmaking’ and it refers to the art of creating one-of-a-kind outfits, with only the finest of materials. The haute couture tradition is actually governed by law, so only certain fashion houses are allowed to make these clothes and even then, they have to work to strict conditions. Here at LUXE Models we always look forward to Couture Fashion Week!

The design houses allowed to make haute couture clothing include Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier. These luxury brands debut their latest haute couture creations in Paris twice a year, in January and July. This week has seen the Spring Couture Fashion Week 2017 taking place – LUXE Models pick out our favourite shows so far.

Casting Dior’s spell  

The anticipation for Dior’s Paris Couture Fashion Week show was high. Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri must have spent a lot of time reading Brother’s Grimm stories lately, as its couture line was clearly inspired by fairy tales. The models wore bird-inspired masks, long hooded floaty capes, feather tiaras, butterfly chokers, poppy-adorned dresses and more. They walked through a maze built around a tree, which was draped in charms and fairy lights, making the whole thing feel like A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Revamping Schiaparelli

Over the past few years, Schiaparelli has gone to amazing efforts to make itself relevant again. This was really obvious in Paris, where Schiaparelli debuted its new Asian-inspired collection. It featured everything from silk Japanese kimonos to Chinese hanfus. Schiaparelli also featured various nods to its own past in its latest couture collection. For example, the brand revisited the iconic “lobster dress” Schiaparelli’s founder created with Salvador Dali, updating this classic piece for 2017!

LUXE Models Five Stunning Shows From Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017 2
Credit: Hashtag Legend

Victor & Rolf repairing dreams

Victor & Rolf’s latest couture collection is called Boulevard of Broken Dreams. According to Vogue, Victor & Rolf based this line around the idea of upcycling, by taking bits from different clothes to create a new outfit. We saw several outfits at the brand’s Paris show, for instance, which featured a recycled coral pocket from an old Courrèges party dress dating back to the 40s, creating really eccentric looks.

Rebelling with Vetements

Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia is the fashion industry darling of the moment. His work for Balenciaga was even recognised at the 2016 Fashion Awards. Demna’s label Vetements is known for being rebellious. At its Paris Couture display, Vetements broke all the rules by having a homeless man as its star. This “vagabond” rocked a coat fastened with a tie, a sleeping bag bearing the Vetements logo and a raggy-necked blue pullover emblazoned with the EU flag, sending a very defiant message.

LUXE Models Five Stunning Shows From Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017 3
Credit: Fashionisers

Chanel’s showstopper

The Chanel show is a highlight of Couture Fashion Week and they really brought its a-game this time around. Chanel really broke the mould, by rolling out a new silhouette for couture clothing, complete with egg-shaped dresses and padded out hips. The show was closed by Lilly-Rose Depp, who appeared arm in arm with Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. Lilly’s dress was a stunning swan-like ballet-slipper pink, frothy organza affair, which made her look like a fairy-tale Princess!

Ready-to-wear approaching

Now Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017 draws to a close, the ready-to-wear Fashion Month for Autumn/Winter 2017 will soon begin. Shows will be held in New York, London, Milan and Paris, as top design houses set the trends we’re all destined to follow in the second half of the year. LUXE Models can’t wait to see and share the highlights with you!

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Seven Trends From London’s Men’s Fashion Week 2017

LUXE Models Seven Trends From London’s Men’s Fashion Week 1

Photo Credit: MixMag

London Men’s Fashion Week 2017 was recently held in the British capital. Throughout, designers like J.W.Anderson, Xander Zhou and Craig Green gathered to reveal what’s set to be hot in men’s style later this year. These are the seven trends from London Men’s Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 that LUXE Models just know you’ll want to try out for yourself

  1. Crop tops

Continuing with the androgyny trend, crop tops were everywhere this time around, even though they’re not practical in winter. Highlights include Katie Eary’s and Xander Zhou’s knitted tank crop tops and Bobby Abley’s high-cut hoodies, which came with seasonal faux fur for practicality.

  1. Patchwork colour-blocking

At this Men’s Fashion Week, colour-blocking was everywhere, with designers often opting for patchwork prints. Everyone from Liam Hodge to Christopher Shannon included patchwork and colour-blocked jackets in their lines and many even went for contrasting shades, like turquoise and purple.

LUXE Models Seven Trends From London’s Men’s Fashion Week 3
Credit: Global Blue
  1. Puffed up style

If we learned anything at this event, it’s that puffa jackets are here to stay. Some designers, like Astrid Andersen, made the puffa look stylish in their shows. Other went further, with Liam Hodges, Topman and Craig Green teaming the piece with matching pairs of quilted bottoms in shades like canary yellow.

LUXE Models Seven Trends From London’s Men’s Fashion Week 2
Credit: Global Blue
  1. Wide-legged trousers

According to the Independent, skinnies are out and wide-brimmed trousers are back. In London, everything from cropped cargo pants hidden under manifold pockets to full-length, floor sweeping versions were on display, with designers like J.W.Anderson and Casely-Hayford showcasing this trend.

  1. Seasonal colour

The hottest colour for men in Autumn/Winter 2017 will be royal purple, according to London Men’s Fashion Week. Designers like Christopher Shannon used it for their two-piece tracksuits. Meanwhile, Katie Eary blended it with hints of orange in her collection, striking a very fashion forward contrast.

  1. Fluoro brights

Other designers, however, chose to imbue their clothes with fluoro brights in London instead. This style was especially apparent at the Liam Hodges show, where fluoro yellow tees and fur-trimmed jackets were everywhere. Meanwhile Topman, whose psychedelic knits were amazing, also championed fluoro brights.

  1. Atypical leather

You can’t move in London without bumping into a leather-clad model. But, while Matthew Miller went for standard biker and aviator styles, other designers showcased more atypical leather looks. Fashion week saw everything from full length, cinched-in leather robes to boxy, short leather styles bedecked in clear, Perspex buttons., It’s apparent that unusual leather has never been hotter for men!

Male glamour

The London event was part of Men’s Fashion Month Autumn/Winter 2017, with shows also being held in New York, Milan and Paris. If you want to break into male modelling, watch footage from these events, to see how top models like Cameron Dallas strut down the runway.

Cameron Dallas was absent from London, but he did make an appearance at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan. Industry portal Teen Vogue writes that for the display, Cameron rocked an eye-catching, maroon-sequined tuxedo with a matching bow tie. Also in Milan, fellow rising star Austin Mahone was sent down the runway in a similar, black-adorned tuxedo by the fashion house.

Men like Cameron Dallas, as well as rising stars such as Jacob Collins and Emmanuel Adjaye, who appeared at the London event, are ones to watch for aspiring male models. By showcasing glamourous male trends at Fashion Week, they illustrate how you can strut down the runway and look amazing while wearing anything! For LUXE Models, the key take away was to showcase your personality through your fashion and do you!

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Kylie Jenner One of Most Powerful People Under 30

LUXE models Kylie Jenner One of Most Powerful People Under 30 (2)

Kylie Jenner is fast-becoming one of the most famous reality TV stars and fashion models on earth. Recognising Kylie’s growing public profile, especially on social media, business magazine Forbes recently named her one of the most powerful young celebrities in the world. LUXE Models looks at why this is.

Kylie’s world

Born in 1997, Kylie Jenner originally rose to fame as part of reality TV’s biggest families, the Kardashian-Jenners. But Kylie is now striking out on her own, building a career as a model. Like sister Kendall, who was recently named Tumblr’s top model of 2016, Kylie is part of the social media modelling movement, giving fly-on-the-wall glimpses of the industry to her 83m+ Instagram followers.

Kylie Jenner may be really young, but she’s done a lot of modelling jobs. The reality TV star has already fronted the covers of magazines like Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Seventeen. She has also taken part in various fashion campaigns, like when she modelled Puma’s retro shoe line, posting snaps from the shoot on Instagram, which generated a lot of publicity for the sports clothing brand.

LUXE models Kylie Jenner One of Most Powerful People Under 30

30 under 30

The industry is now recognising Kylie Jenner’s contribution to fashion and style. According to Refinery 29, Kylie has been placed on Forbes’ 2017 30 under 30 lists, which feature 600 of the most influential young people on earth. Kylie won a place on the ‘Retail and e-Commerce’ list, due to her successful cosmetics and clothing lines, the second of which was a collaboration with her big sister Kendall.

Explaining their decision, Forbes noted that “the reality-TV star’s Kylie Cosmetics line has gone from strength to strength, with each incarnation of her [US]$29 Lip Kits selling out upon release.” Going on, the magazine revealed that “sources close to the teenager suggest the glosses did 7 figures in revenues in 2016 alone. Jenner also puts her name to an apparel line, alongside model sister Kendall.”

At 19, Kylie Jenner is the youngest person included on Forbes’ 2017 30 Under 30 lists. The same magazine reported that in 2015, Kylie earned a staggering US$18m. However, she has a long way to go, before she catches up with global superstar half-sister Kim Kardashian West, who netted a mind-blowing US$51m the same year. But Kylie works really hard, so she could catch up to Kim very soon!

Social star

Kylie Jenner would never have made it onto one of Forbes’ 2017 30 Under 30 lists without the help of social media. Kylie’s example shows that if you want to break into modelling in the modern world, you need to build up a presence on sites like Instagram and Pinterest. With these profiles, you can post eye-catching snaps showing you rocking the latest fashions, which could help you grab the attention of a top modelling agency, who may potentially help you become the next superstar model!

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British Fashion Icons Make New Year’s Honours List

LUXE Models British Fashion Icons Make New Year’s Honours List

At the beginning of every year, some of the UK’s top fashion professionals are added to the Queen’s New Year’s honours list, rewarding their services to fashion. LUXE Models can reveal that a raft of icons were added to the list in January 2017, ranging from trendsetters to legendary fashion magazine editors…

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has been given an OBE by the Queen, according to Vogue. The former Spice Girl did start out as a singer, but she is increasingly carving out a lucrative fashion career. As well as modelling for the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Marc Jacobs, Victoria started her own popular fashion label in recent years, selling everything from gorgeous dresses to luxury handbags and truly earning her OBE.

LUXE Models British Fashion Icons Make New Year’s Honours List 2

Anya Hindmarch

In 2009, accessories designer Anya Hindmarch received an MBE for her services to fashion and this has now been followed up by an OBE. The London-based designer has released various accessory ranges over the years, like her ‘Be a Bag’ line, which could be customised with photos. Known for her high quality work, Anya has won various prizes over her career, with this OBE serving as just the latest.

Anna Wintour

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour was made a Dame this year. Since becoming US Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna has turned it into fashion’s most important magazine, popularising new trends worldwide. Anna is famous for making September the biggest month in fashion, when all the magazines compete to release the most striking covers. In 2016, Anna chose rising social media model Kendall Jenner for September’s cover, showing that she knows how to move with this fast-changing industry.

LUXE Models British Fashion Icons Make New Year’s Honours List

Imran Amed

Canadian-British fashion expert Imran Amed was given an MBE in this year’s honours list and it was well deserved. After receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School, Amed started a blog called The Business of Fashion’ in 2007. The blog quickly took off and now The Business of Fashion has become a must-read website for the global fashion industry, often shedding light on hot emerging trends.

Terry Jones

i-D Magazine Founder and graphic designer Terry Jones was made an OBE on this year’s list. Created in 1980, i-D Magazine has since become a leading resource on street style and youth culture, often bringing indie and niche style to the fore. It’s particularly known for pioneering ‘the straight up’ documentary/fashion photography hybrid style, which has since become popular across the industry.

Angela Walters

Honouring her contributions to fashion education, Angela Walters was made an OBE. Angela is the Programme Director for Fashion at Central Saint Martins, a public art school based in London. In this role, Angela has helped turned Central Saint Martins into one of the world’s best fashion schools.

Simon Ward

Awarded an OBE, Simon Ward currently serves as the CEO of the British Fashion Council (BFC). Joining this industry body back in 1986, Simon has spent his time there helping fostering new talent. In his current role, he manages the BFC day-to-day, helps the body promote British fashion and talent worldwide and continues to help new designers make it big, cementing his place as an industry giant.

Well-deserved honours

With honourees ranging from Victoria Beckham to Simon Ward, the icons included on this year’s list were truly the industry’ best. These people have helped the UK maintain its status as a global fashion powerhouse. As the industry faces new challenges, like the rise of new technologies and Brexit, we’re sure that these people will continue to champion British fashion and style across the world.

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